Embrace Differences in People #couragecafe June 24 2015

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Wednesday – June 24, 2015 – 8pm ET

Embrace Differences of People 

To be whole is to make space for the full range of human emotion

 Courage Cafe 2 birds never sing same song         We’re all in this together….right?

With the world a melting pot of people now more than ever has become vital to open our hearts and use our great gift of empathy with a dash of insane courage!

Relating to People = Relating to Life

How we feel often spills over to how we relate and dance with people.  Fear pops up often when we encounter who might look different, act different and believe in different things – when we are in a place that might feel uncertain or unusual we tend to pull out our armor rather than feel vulnerable to embrace our differences and open the doors to new possibilities.    We learn from each other and when we can let go of inner emotions, conditions, behaviors, old mindsets or beliefs that no longer serve us.

It takes insane courage to detach and speak from the inside out…..heart centered living or soulful living to walk more of an authentic life and journey.  After all….isn’t really about how we feel?

How can we unlock the emotions and feelings inside to gain clarity on how we want to feel?  Gain the clients we want to engage with on a daily basis and truly feed fulfilled from our services and interact and attract those spirited minded people in your everyday life.

Chat Questions Below:

Q1          Generally how do you relate to people?

Q2          Is there a universal way of dealing with different kinds of people? Example

Q3          When I engage with people, my most frequent motive is?

Q4          Why do we change our behaviors in romantic relationships vs work, neighbors, friends?

Q5          How do we honor the diversity of our emotions in relationships/society?

Q6          Ethnic or Cultural differences – how can we invite new feelings to create new friendships?

Q7          To embrace differences we have to exchange our views without offending someone, share an example?

Q8          Does age play a part in acceptance of people? Provide an example

Q9          Social media is our bridge to connecting – for you how has this opened doors to new relationships

Q10        How has courage inspired you to reach out to someone in need or different than you?

When you are grateful you cannot be fearful

Leave tonight in courage, knowing there is something bigger inside of you!

Gaining clarity on how you feel inside will evoke the best of you that is yet to come.  All the juicy breakdowns, breakthroughs and transformations you experience truly ARE the journey of life.

My hope is you embrace this process and continue to join us on #couragecafe XO

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2 Responses to Embrace Differences in People #couragecafe June 24 2015

  1. These questions play perfect into a seminar I went to on Friday about sustaining relationships. I wish I hadn’t had my appointment. But I wanted to just comment on the content subject quickly. I have learned and relearned, faked it and learned it again… No matter what I be myself now from the very beginning with everyone meet and I accept that some people I meet will not be the right fit for me but that fact doesn’t stop me from constantly attempting to make may “kinds” of relationships.
    Excellent thought evoking questions, yet again, Denise! Thank you!

    • denisebuchman

      TY for your support Amy! I had dinner w your Dad to celebrate a friends birthday on Saturday and shared how impressed I am with your platform, savvy and dreams to take risks to build your own life and business! xo

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