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What does that even mean?

Where does it begin?

Do you have a “blueprint”?



Unique offerings always start with THE WHY

Taking the time to dig deeply on the inside of the business is very challenging. I know I was there in several companies, even before the internet.  Creating ideas and sales templates with snail mail!   The magic is in the mess behind the scenes.

The ideas are fabulous however without a plan on paper (or dashboards with project software) it’s often overwhelming to achieve the results.

No matter a small project or big picture of the company’s road map – hiring someone who you trust can make all the difference.  Plus take those monkey’s off your back!

  • Are you unsure about your WHY and how to be relevant to your target audience?
  • Are you lost with endless website changes and no returns?
  • Are you constantly looking at competitions social media profiles thinking if I only had this emoji or link they would click ?
  • Google+ is gone. Yes as of April 1st 2019 – no April’s Fool Joke
  • Google G Suite can be a headache even for the experts in tech. However, it is a must have for AI and API codes with your website and leadpages to be optimized properly even for organic reach and results.
  • For business no matter if brick and mortar or virtual, you need a place marker, page and tracking id for analytics. These are the drivers (data) of future re-targeting, referrers, goals, key words/phrases (free) and conversions for your traffic.
  • Do you have a campaign that is relatable or relevant?  No longer can businesses be stagnant in digital and messaging – it is changing month to month, week to week and often in a 24 hour cycle.
  • Let’s talk simple foundation of profiles on social media channels:
    • Do they speak your message in 3 seconds ?
    • Can you attract opt ins with a click?
    • Trackable for your marketing campaigns and segmented data?
  • Looking for a way to speak to your audience for your brand? Your culture?
  • What is data?  Demographics and data are the backbone of how/what you will then create strategies to engage with your audience.  Past, current and future.

TRUTHBOMB: Creating a foundation drives the magic

Generate Some Buzz for Your Business – START TODAY!

We Offer 3 Discovery Path’s for Clients

Each Unique to B2B or B2C

One on One – Small Business – Mid Market Business

(25 to 80) Questions for Data Discovery

Results Delivered in an Actionable Blueprint

  • About Your Business
  • What has worked, has not, why, forecasting
  • Focus on specific project and/or long term
  • Content Review and Analyze
  • Audience Engagement Review and Analyze
  • Best Practices on How To Implement to Delivery
  • Recommendations Delivered in a Written Report

You can decide to implement from the CORE Blueprint with your team or hire CORE to facilitate, create and implement the phases of the Blueprint

Answer a few questions to see if you are a fit HERE

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