Meet Denise

Denise Buchman has over 20 years of experience as a focused and approachable business developer who creates innovative and award winning business development strategies for clients.   Digging deep with a tactical questionnaire, research and discovery, Denise creates successful plans with strategy + visibility = results!

Denise strongly believes “value trumps price”.  People buy from people in business who they believe can make them feel good, create a result, a solution and successful outcome. Today, a business development strategy requires many collective spokes in the wheel focusing on a the end result.  Taking into account the values and vision of the leadership with my clients is key to creating a measurable external and internal growth oriented business development plan.

Ultimately building awareness and attracting new prospects and interests in a company is key to growth, however, you can not take your eye off your existing clients with strong relationship connections that continue to bring value to a business or brand.

Developing game changing unique messaging for clients is a strength Denise brings to to the table.  Consistently creating that message with inbound and outbound messaging is often put on the back burner.  Today more than ever, consistent, relevant messaging is key to a company’s growth.  Today’s audience is savvy, knowledgeable and quick to make an impression about a business owner faster than ever before!

Curious + Creative = Exciting Collaborations

Cultivating collaboration takes discovery and planning.  Denise’s experience as a relationship guru in her past corporate life, allows her to know first hand the value of building an audience with solid services, trusted relationships and measurable results. Employee engagement and a strong company culture is tied into the strategies Denise creates for business development.  Facilitating the executive is key to clients success.

Whatever it takes” is one of her motto’s and Denise understands at the end of the day we service our customers.   For many years, Denise was an executive at one of the area’s largest courier and logistics firms, Maryland Messenger (sold in 2014). Starting in customer support, Denise worked operations, sales, business development and ultimately was named President. Denise implemented innovative technology solutions that kept the company ahead of the pack.  Always reading the tea leaves on business trends (prior to the internet dot coms, apps, AI and social media), Denise was an innovator, strategist, advisor and creative marketing mind.  With a constant personal touch on expanding relationships with presenting and delivering on value, was her path to securing successful contracts.

Denise also speaks publicly on transforming and empowering lives. How to harvest the courage deep inside of oneself to be the “real you”.  Be your own game changer in life!  Authenticity is key to “feeling” you have a purpose and passion.

At 45, Denise reinvented herself after 26 years as a successful executive with millions in sales.  This process actually started at 40 and took years of self discovery, finding purpose and passion in what really “lights me up” to make this move. It was after all my father’s business and as oldest daughter, I knew it would be challenging.

Denise was second generation to a family business. Although she never had stock in the business (women’s generation gap) she handled the position in which she held as though she was a stakeholder.  From the external you would “think” Denise was a success, but internally she was unfulfilled and knew this was not going to be her ultimate purpose in life.  Now at 55, Denise is walking the talk of courage with positive spirit and sharing her story weekly on her LIVE Twitter Chat #couragecafe Wednesday 8pm ET.

You can also see her on You Tube and engage with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Denise resides in Baltimore and is a devoted mother to Claire (28) and Clark (24) and adorable English Springer, Eleanor Rigby (yes, she loves classic rock).  When I am not creating winning business development and marketing strategies for clients, you will find Denise outside in nature, traveling abroad, avid skier, interior design/artist, entertaining in the community and creates courage rocks with abundant quotes from Courage Café.   A tireless volunteer in Baltimore for young girls at risk, domestic violence, LGBT, women’s health issues and influencer for many non profits sharing the word with her courageous voice on social media.   Now enjoying life as an “empty nester”…….. Life is Pretty Darn Delicious!

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