Courage Cafe How It Started

March 2013, changed my life toward a path of inner spirit and reflection of what really matters.  I took a leap I had painfully wanted to do for years and at the same time putting it off.   I am the courage girl.  I have this tattooed on my wrist.  Was it disbelief?  Loyal to my upbringing to the point I was told I controlled my destiny and how life should be.  Fear of not wanting something bigger for myself.  Uncertainty to try something so simple that it actually would work?

I reached out to my cousin on the telephone one beautiful morning crying with the message I still can’t feel what I want to feel in my life.  For over 5 years, my cousin Gail has been writing a grateful email to a disclosed list of “grateful buds” as she calls them.  I am a recipient of her email each night.  This email has deepened my bond with my cousin. It also was the door opening I desperately needed in my life.   You see, I had made huge changes in 2013 – youngest was going off to college, downsized from the house and landed the city apartment of my dreams in Baltimore.  I made huge changes and shifts in myself and became aware of what was not working within myself.   I detached physically from people and places that were toxic.  Celebrating 50 and fabulous, I met wonderful new people, I hear the sounds of the train each night, created my own business….yet I was still seeking something deeper that would connect me to my own intentions, love and purpose.

My cousin supported me to write the email. I really had to push myself to write an email of 10 things, people, emotions, feelings or events of that day in which I was grateful.  I did it!  It really felt amazing.  Today I am still writing the email.  Some days are hard to write and others I beam in excitement to put my gratitude in words.  I talk about the grateful email, I share the joy of the process with people I meet and people ask to be on my email list.  I faced the beasts, paid the piper and continue to evolve.  It is fear that held me back and courage and love that allowed this process to flow. The simple task of Writing a Grateful Email Changed My Life xo

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