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It Takes Courage to Change To Embrace Your Authentic Best Self

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Courage Cafe Fail Our Way Into Greatness 12 9 2014

What I know for sure……….It takes “insane courage” to be your authentic self. 

People are inspired and empowered by people who walk the talk.

People listen and share with people because they feel a connection which builds trust.

People believe people who have failed and triumphed in their own right. Not defined by measured standards our society has put on what is successful or not.  People who are willing to take risks and go outside their conditioning are the people who have become my tribe of support, love and energy.  I have stumbled, navigated the peaks and valleys, taken paths I thought would bring me joy and found the valleys gave me the most abundance.  Going in deep to stay in those uncomfortable places and peel away the armour to really know what I was feeling and was this how I wanted to feel in my skin and in my life.  Simply making adjustments in awareness or changing course proved to connect me with a new awakening in myself and my approach to my life, being a mother, a friend and my own spiritual lifestyle.  

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Detaching from old beliefs or expectations can free ourselves to be the extraordinary people we are meant to be.  For me this was very hard….I had been carrying “couture” armour as I say in my workshops – once I started to peel them off, they started to fall off, I felt like a new enlightened soul ready to expand to the authentic Denise, the curious, creative, courageous Denise!  I am grateful I was able to surrender and find the tools to propel me to restore my true self. Then life was feeling like it was meant to be – I could taste my desires and for the first time I could see them unfolding into unlimited possibilities.  

Courage Is Allowing to Unfold

Feeling is a good thing, actually it is at the essence or core of your inner self that everything feeds from in your life! If you want to feel more than just saying words and going thru the motions, you are in the right place!

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