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Curiosity didnt kill the catI get inspired daily. Honesty a lot really gets me excited and I could write all day about stuff that pops up and makes me want to paint something, create a new courage stone or make a video on the cool apps that technology affords us today.  It’s totally due to my curious nature. What used to get me in trouble growing up (maybe still does…) is my curiosity!  Guess what…this cat is still standing!

In light of several things that happened in my own small world last week and then the horrific acts of terror on humanity in France, it made me reflect on inspiration that pumps me to stay open and continue to be curious and have hope in people.  Change takes a long time for most people.  I get that but it really does not have to be.

I find that being a curious person has kept me relevant.  It has allowed me to flow with the decades of change I have experienced since I was born in 1964.  I contribute my courage to allow me to continue to share my voice, connect and do all of this because I ask “WHY” a lot….driven by my curious nature. Or maybe I am just a badass at the core of myself…..kinda like the sound of that too!

I was born in a year of such immense change in the US and the world (1964).  Over the past few years I have thought deeply about that – especially with the civil rights anniversary only 50 years ago. Still floors me to this day to think we are so young in progress and makes me angry we are not further.

Some people follow instructions to a “T” – I never did.  If you know me, then you know this to be true!     I took a lot of risks as a teenager.  Never on a big stage like women’s rights or anything political.  I think there was always a thirst, but I held back.  I always was on the leading edge on the outside but too scared in the inside to jump!  Probably why I love social media so much today.  Voices can be shared in so many ways today and we can engage all over the globe with a click!

From my experience and from the people I encounter in my business and in my life so far, everyone is thirsty for deep love.  But everyone seems to have their own rules of what it is to look like, be like and of course feel like.  If walls are up so high, how can anyone experience anything different?    Do you know what makes you get “chills” anymore in life?    I do, this short video I put together with Replay App are favorite things in my life – they have meaning, they ground me, excite me and make me go toward life.  It’s not always so easy but moving toward something is very rewarding, even when you don’t know exactly what it is!

Especially when you find what really makes you tingle!  What makes you sparkle inside and glow on the outside!  What makes you shine so bright, people think you have a new hair style or make up foundation….yeah truth I get that a lot!

I declared verbally that I am a lifelong seeker last week.  I always thought of my life as getting somewhere.  Each year I saw in my head, four quarters sliced up in pie slices in a clock face (really) ticking away with a start and end.  That was in my mind for a long time.  Still working on the mindset change to not be so attached to the calendar, time, etc.  One reason I stopped wearing a watch 2 years ago – I wanted to see how it affected me.

Ever since I was 10 I have always wanted to feel so excited about everything.  It can be exhausting if I do not think of it as an evolving work of art….my curious life.  It hasn’t been easy getting to that conclusion and let me tell you there are some days where my mind still rotates and it’s difficult to release.

I reflect on all of the places that I have been fortunate enough to visit. Still so many more places to travel to and my passport needs more stamps!  People I have encountered and connected to on trips and in my community.  Walking into places I never thought I would be able to and being grateful I was fired in 2010 to allow me the time to invest in myself.

It takes years….YES friends….this shit is hard and when I see people wanting a “quick fix” I say the Serenity Prayer.  Knowing to stay in my lane but want that person to know if they want to find out more about themselves they will do it.  To know this is what we all thirst for – I know it is and know from my own dark days where I had to imagine the light, just taking that first step can open up so many doors of opportunity with a dash of curiosity and a bit of courage.

I am lucky to have found Desire Map after many other practices and I am grateful to have peeled away my armour with the help of a few good friends who cared enough to listen along the way.

I am on the right road…..the road is windy but I like it XO

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