Progress not Perfection….Just Take a Step Onward

All it takes is a step…..One day at a time ? Progress not Perfection

It seems so big – so massive that we want to pull the blankets over our heads, turn the other way, curl up on the couch, just want to forget about the next move for ourselves….but we can’t!

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I know the feeling because I’ve been there. I know what you’re feeling in this very moment. I can tell you that all it takes is one step. It might be the hardest step you make but it will be the biggest step in how you feel.

I remember the first time I walked into an Al-Anon meeting on a Saturday night in 2010 – thinking about it today feels like yesterday!  For as much much as I look on the outside like I have no nerve, I can do anything, get up on the stage, dance on the table, shout to the world, I was exposing my inner self in a very intimate vulnerable way and that is scary. But you know what…I did it and that is all that I remember now!

As much as it felt a little strange to walk in a small room in a church, it also felt comfortable and where I needed to be. I kept coming back and now I’m a speaker and it will be part of my life forever.

I know that one step propelled more steps and gave me the juice to dig deep and keep on using insane courage to continue to unfold to feel the way I want to feel and use those good mojo feelings to be and do in everything I touch and participate in with myself my clients and ones I love!


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