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Freedom worships inquiry #truthbomb Sunday ✨?✨☀️?☀️???✌️

Courage Cafe Freedom Worships Inquiry

Several years ago I was working with a coach basically to help me peel away layers of previous works to craft a more focused path in my coaching, consulting and courage cafe.

I recall distinctly I had I work for a week and I couldn’t ask “why”. It was a tool to associate my inner feelings of asking questions to figure out if I really wanted to know, was I just rambling out of fear or was I genuinely curious to know why?!?! I must tell you it was a very difficult task for me not to ask why in this particular week as I was working as a consultant with an international logistics company and how I create plans and strategies of growth is to ask and understand “why”! From that process I found out that I am the WHY girl…..I do ask questions because I am curious, I am connected and I am courageous!

Genuinely and authentically I do want to know why and I want to understand what you see or feel. It feeds my soul to me create, propels my curiosity to be creative to live my life as a free spirit and share to others.

Each Sunday morning at 9 AM I participate in a Twitter chat called #Spiritchat. It’s pretty incredible, please join one day I guarantee you it will really open up your soul your senses your mind body and feelings with a very cool loving tribe. Today’s chat topic was opening, experiencing and embracing the Divine Feminine. Sundays I do things in a little bit different order than my normal daily non-negotiables and rituals – I pick my truthbomb after the spiritchat and then I write in my desire map planner.

I love how the universe is always conspiring when you allow it and let it flow to grow….as you can see today’s card spoke volumes and is exactly where my heart and abundance is sitting right now.

Today’s subliminal message as I desire map is “it’s all about feeling good” ✨?✨ YES IT IS ? ✌️ ?

What I know for sure…I cannot feel good if I can’t ask why! What do you want to ask yourself?

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