What Must You Destroy to Move Forward #couragecafe

How do you feel about destroying what must be destroyed in your life?

Destroying seems like a really powerful word. This question has pondered me all week it was a question in the Planner Sunday, October 11th.Courage Cafe Leopard Turquiouse Eyes

For me I focus in on taking down the old conditioning that once stopped me in my tracks from the big magic that’s happening with my creativity as I’m curious and discovering my gifts of sharing how you can peel away the onion and be the courageous person you are meant to be!

I love the bonus part of the Desire Map workshop when we talk about how we already have what we want and need. When we shift to that feeling we ease up on ourselves…with people around us and we definitely feel more grateful. Gratitude then automatically shows up in our service to others….no matter if it’s service in love to our families or our service thru our businesses.

I love this graphic! I absolutely adore a visual which creates inside of me a fierce fabulous fiery feeling. Look into these beautiful turquoise eyes…destroying can be big! Think about it in a empowering way!  A great way to kick off a fabulous free Friday ???

So I’ll leave you with a question:  What do you want that you already have?

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Courage Is Allowing to Unfold

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