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Wednesday November 11 2015 – 8pm ET

I think I think too much ??? it’s something I’ve been working on since my 30’s!


I can remember vividly when I started to work at the courier business I was not thinking beyond 9 to 5 and I got the hell out of that office every day promptly by 5.

Never a pansy I was always busy with my own personal life not overthinking my value in business but more so living a full life based on fun.

Geeez, when did that change? On my daily walk I listen to one or two podcasts and they really get me in a flow mostly want to create flow and thank inwardly about myself. They often prepare me for the blog I’m going to write that day or the Courage Café tweetchat that I host weekly Wednesday at 8 PM ET.

A podcast today talking about difficult conversations – how we can approach people fiercely and firmly with kindness it prompted me to think about fight or flight, prepping for my tweet chat tonight and stumbled across this visual. Of course the visual would be by a women’s website!  But why does it have to be this way – why do human beings have to overthink themselves when they want to do more in life?

On the days that I write on the days that I go out for two walks and surround myself in nature and when I spend time with other people talking laughing having fun are the days that I feel whole. Feel me and my brain doesn’t overthink…truly in that moment present. I forget about the bills I forget about the phone calls I forget about the daunting growing to do list with clients and keeping the pipeline flowing not to mention my own work when courage café that really defines who Denise Buchman is today.

Today I am fabulous 51 ? glad I am divorced for 15 years and birthed two beautiful children who will be 21 and 25 in January and still 20 years later catching myself in the trap of “thinking too much” ?

So join us on Courage Cafe with tonight’s topic surrounding a question I asked myself earlier today:

What causes you to think too much?

I’d love to hear your comments, your shares, your truth Wednesday 8pm ET XO

Twitteroverthinking kills happiness



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