Courage Cafe Chat September 2 2015 Honor 11 Lessons of Dr Wayne Dyer

Courage Café Chat

Wednesday – September 2, 2015 – 8pm ET

Dedicated to Honor Life of Dr Wayne Dyer

wayne dyer change thoughts

  “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

  • Courage is asking for what you need
  • Courage or Comfort – choose one you can’t have both
  • Courage is your heart – let it flow

As an early pioneer in life mastery with an unlimited source of abundance Dr. Wayne Dyer not only achieved great success in his lifetime, but also taught countless others how to achieve it themselves.

Here are 11 of his greatest lessons to take with you. We ill discuss on our chat tonight:

  1. Create your own opportunity
  1. Service is real success
  1. Your outlook determines your world
  1. Remember that you have a choice
  1. You are not what you do
  1. You don’t have to fear death
  1. Have the courage to do what you love
  1. Drop the ego
  1. Success is who you are
  2. You are your only competitor


Stop blaming others for your failures

You can read the full article I found by Kevin Daum a contributor for Inc here.

Courage Café Chat allows us to walk together and find courage even when life throws us curve balls.  How we “feel” often determines our actions.  Speaking our truth and accepting where we are in this place and time allows us to shift and create new ways of feeling and thinking to open doors.

It takes insane courage to detach and speak from the inside out…..heart centered living or soulful living to walk tall and believe we are enough, we matter.

After all….isn’t life about the journey and the feeling and courage to get to that place?

When you are grateful you cannot be fearful

Leave tonight in courage, knowing there is something bigger inside of you!

Gaining clarity on how you feel inside will evoke the best of you that is yet to come.  All the juicy breakdowns, breakthroughs and transformations you experience truly ARE the journey of life.

My hope is you embrace this process and continue to join us – I am eternally honored and grateful you are here #couragecafe XO

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