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Wednesday – August 19, 2015 – 8pm ET

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“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave” – Mo Willems

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  • Courage is asking for what you need
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While I was on my daily 3 mile run/walk with my sweet Eleanor Rigby, I was listening to a podcast on re-writing your story by Esther Hicks.   Immediately it took me back to 2008 when I met with a business growth coach and was miserable.

At this point of my life, I was dead.  24 years in the same industry, I was President of a regional logistics business, “heir apparent” to the business my father started in 1956 and felt confined to a box.    Rich on the outside and poor on the inside my inner self was slowly choking me to do something and was summons the courage to do “something”.

So I engaged with a coach……..the first thing she said was I needed to change my story.   Well I felt so lost and miserable how I was going to do that when I felt the process was to let go and find my true inner calling.  Something inside me said, I need to feel this and be uncomfortable and cave into letting things unwind even if they fall apart.   Well they certainly did.  I did not hire the coach not because of money because at the time I didn’t feel I deserved it but more importantly looking bad I am proud of myself I let it go.  Perhaps for the wrong reason…….the bigger message here….it was all supposed to happen this way!     In 2009 a merger/acquisition was planned for October 1st and September 19th I was locked of the business (yes 25 years and I worked for my dad’s biz) because of controlling family dynamics, fear of unknown (I might take the customers and run) and money/scarcity.   Like I said it was all supposed to happen, well of course I can say that now!

I am grateful I had the next few years to work on me – reading books, learning to love nature all over again, learning to love me again, at home to be a mom to my then 15 and 19 year old children and learning to “let it go” and “take one day at a time”.  So as I pondered this today, I am thinking my story was already written for me.  Looking back to when I was 10 years old….I am living my life as I really wanted.  I am embracing my uniqueness, sharing my container of heart & soul and doing it on my terms…..free spirited!    Why did I work so hard (over the past 5 years) to continue to re-frame it, re-write it and for lack of better words……punish myself for the past?  Those past decisions shaped me to who I am today and it was already in the cards xo

These are the questions I wrote for tonight’s chat:

 Chat Questions Below:

Q1        Do you have a story?  If so, do you like it?

Q2        How does that story define you or does it…why/why not?

Q3        How has your story evolved today to align with who you really “feel” you are?

Q4        How are you today versus 5 years ago?  Is that serving you and the world?

Q5        What are some limiting beliefs that we tell ourselves that limit “our” story?

Q6        How are thoughts translated to keep us on repeat (like a broken record)?

Q7        For many, we can’t change physical conditions overnight, how can our connection to thoughts, source, and energy help shift our story?

Q8        What are some practices you have used to shift your story?

Q9        Changing your beliefs is one thing, really believing it is another – what has shifted what are you looking for?

Q10      How can you use the courage to stay in the present and embrace your story and not re-write it?

Courage Café Chat allows us to walk together and find courage even when life throws us curve balls.  How we “feel” often determines our actions.  Speaking our truth and accepting where we are in this place and time allows us to shift and create new ways of feeling and thinking to open doors.

It takes insane courage to detach and speak from the inside out…..heart centered living or soulful living to walk tall and believe we are enough, we matter.

After all….isn’t life about the journey and the feeling and courage to get to that place?

When you are grateful you cannot be fearful

Leave tonight in courage, knowing there is something bigger inside of you!

Gaining clarity on how you feel inside will evoke the best of you that is yet to come.  All the juicy breakdowns, breakthroughs and transformations you experience truly ARE the journey of life.

My hope is you embrace this process and continue to join us – I am eternally honored and grateful you are here #couragecafe XO

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