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Wednesday – July 22, 2015 – 8pm ET

Willingness to Grow

“The moment in between what you once were, and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place” Quote Barbara De Angelis”

Courage Cafe The Moment Barbara DeAngelis Quote  

It is often said in the business world “you might have gotten to your first million with the same people, team, and mindset but to get to the next million you will need to be willing to “get” uncomfortable, take bigger risks (even if it might not work out as planned) and the space within that transformation is going to get a little painful.  Ah….but that space is the place of immense growth.  First we must be willing.

For me I have experienced many patches in my life that have been painful.  School, career, marriage, children, divorce, loss of employment, loss of house and thru it all I had a deep sense of connection that my willingness would be the first step in the journey.

I was willing to make the changes but struggled to find enough courage to forge ahead and find the path/process that felt good to ME.

In my consulting business I am hired because of a need – usually reactive rather than proactive centered on lack of revenue or growth.  What I often find is the leadership or executive team might not be willing to do what is necessary in order to grow.

I have a process to get feedback to create a plan thru discovery from the top down.  This takes buy in from the top and value in the process.  Even in business….peeling away the onion has to happen to make change and grow.   A lot is to do with willingness, change, fear, what could really become of their business and a belief in the leader, CEO, owner, founder that deep down they might not FEEL they ARE worthy of this success.  Growing pains often are tied to internal conflicts and thought patterns.  Years or decades of conditioning we have created inside ourselves for various reasons. Detachment of people, places and things is part of the process and in order shift we must be aware, accept and be willing.

Once we move thru this somewhat painful but wholehearted process, we begin to feel lighter, more abundant, more confident, and more compassionate to ourselves that we are deserving of growth.  We begin to see what we dared to be.  It might not feel graceful or easy at first but projecting some self-confidence and a dash of courage will lessen the pain.   Growing is painful and also a beautiful gift we give ourselves.  Letting go, taking one day at a time, detaching with love and having courage allows us to get there xo

Courage Café Chat allows us to walk together and find courage even when life throws us curve balls.  How we “feel” often determines our actions.  Speaking our truth and accepting where we are in this place and time allows us to shift and create new ways of feeling and thinking to open doors.

It takes insane courage to detach and speak from the inside out…..heart centered living or soulful living to walk tall and believe we are enough, we matter.

After all….isn’t life about the journey and the feeling and courage to get to that place?

Chat Questions Below:

Q1       “Growth” do we associate it with pleasure or pain?

Q2       What feeling comes to mind when we know it’s time for a change?

Q3       It seems many need to feel pain in order to be willing to change…why?

Q4       What is the relationship between being #authentic and willing to grow?

Q5       How can the experience of pain in growth (good or bad) be the lesson?

Q6       The root word of courage comes from “heart” so how does compassion play into willingness to grow?

Q7       Share some experience of detachment for your own growth – what was outcome?

Q8       Why is it so hard to let go (even when we know it’s good for us)?

Q9       How can gratitude help with the darkness of growing pains? Explain?

Q10     How will courage help you be “willing” to grow this week?

When you are grateful you cannot be fearful

Leave tonight in courage, knowing there is something bigger inside of you!

Gaining clarity on how you feel inside will evoke the best of you that is yet to come.  All the juicy breakdowns, breakthroughs and transformations you experience truly ARE the journey of life.

My hope is you embrace this process and continue to join us – I am eternally honored and grateful you are here #couragecafe XO

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